Fight Night at the Oscars 2022 🥊

Last night (27/03/2022), at the Oscars, comedian Chris Rock joked on Jada Pinkett Smith’s lack of hair while presenting the prize for best documentary feature. Chris expressed his excitement for Smith’s role in “G.I. Jane 2,” referring to her shorn head. This resulted in him getting slapped dizzy. Last year, Pinkett Smith went bald after her daughter, Willow, advised her to do so. Pinkett Smith has been suffering from alopecia, or significant hair loss, since 2018. Will Smith appeared to giggle at the joke at first, but then jumped up and slapped Rock in the face as he stood on the stage. Smith sat back down and said, “keep my wife’s name out of your f#*$!#🤬 mouth,” repeatedly, as Rock stood stunned. All that Chris Rock could say was “Will Smith just smacked the s#!+ out of me.” He also claimed the night to be “the greatest night in television history”🤣. The audience was stunned at what had happened and some explain the sound of the shot to have taken everyone by surprise. Well, in South Africa, we’d describe it better as a “moerse klap” or as our KZN buddies would say “a sounder”! Sources also say that the shot was one that could face criminal charges but we will have to see about that… picture source- TV Insider

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