Let’s talk Black Friday

Have you ever wondered where Black Friday all began? Why is it even called “Black Friday”? So, most Americans would agree that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where people line up before midnight in front of stores ready to get their hands on the best sale of the year. For years, people believed that because holiday customers squandered so much money on discounted products after a whole year of operating at a loss (“in the red”), retailers were supposed to make a profit (“went into the black”) on the day after Thanksgiving. Though it’s true that retailers used to record losses in red and revenues in black when accounting, this version of Black Friday’s beginnings is the officially declared incorrect! Apparently, the true story begins in the street where people are either made or betrayed; Wall Street. The phrase “Black Friday” was first used to refer to a financial crisis, notably the crash of the US gold market on September 24, 1869, rather than post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping. Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, two infamously vicious Wall Street businessmen, collaborated to purchase up as much gold as they could, aiming to inflate the price and sell it for astronomical profits. The conspiracy ultimately came to light on that Friday in September, throwing the stock market into freefall and bankrupting everyone from Wall Street billionaires to farmers. Recently, the story has surfaced that on the last day of November, slaves used to be marked down on sale to all buyers. However, there is not enough evidence to prove or disprove that claim. But us in Mzansi, most of us don’t even know what is Thanksgiving. All we care about is the big discounts on the last Friday of November which is called Black Friday and coming home to see the memes of people who were spotted doing some crazy things at the malls. Because we are South Africans. We are unique. We are Euphoric! So what better day could we have chosen to launch the Euphoric Wear online store, right?

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